Thursday, August 27, 2009

You're going the wrong way!

You may have noticed that your favorite team is heads towards both end zones at different times of the game. Or maybe you didn't notice. But it happened.

After each quarter, the teams switch direction they are going to get to the end zone (when they are offense).

For example:
  • 1st quarter, when your team is trying to score, they are heading towards the right on your TV.
  • 2nd quarter, they're heading left on your TV when they try to score.
  • 3rd quarter (start of the 2nd half), they're heading right again.
  • 4th quarter - back to the left.
I think it is so they both have to deal with the downfalls of each end zone (like a strong wind or looking into the sun).

Or maybe it's just to confuse us a little bit more.

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