Friday, August 14, 2009

A reminder about why I watch football

I think there are many wives who wish their husbands shared a hobby with them - but they think the husband should engage in one of their hobbies. They don't want to learn about football or sports or cars or movies where things constantly blow up. Face it ladies, that's what most guys are interested in. And if you want to share a hobby, try getting into one of those! That's what this love-thing is all about, right? (and just maybe, he will see how hard you are trying to learn football and he might try to learn about one of your interests - but don't go into it with that as an end goal)

I also think many wives get frustrated by their husband's lack of communication. Sample conversation:

Wife: Hi honey! How was your day?
Husband: Busy.

To the husband, the conversation is now over. To the wife, she's starving for more information - details, stories, anything!

Well, get him talking about football and his language skills will drastically improve!

Last night, I asked my husband a football-related question. The answer went on for about 10 minutes! Now, you have to understand that I usually talk circles around my husband, but when it comes to football, he literally lights up when he gets to talk about it and he will go on and on and on. Not bragging about what he knows - just glad to get to process it aloud with someone! And sure, he might get the chance to talk to "the guys" at work about it, but he still gets such joy talking to me and sharing this passion. If for nothing else, that connection with my husband is worth the time and effort I spend focusing on football.

It might not be what the wife wants to talk about (or listen to), but if it's so important to your husband, you can learn something about it or probably fake some interest for a while...

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