Saturday, August 8, 2009


I was not a willing football follower. It started soon after we got married and I realized what a fanatic my husband was. I was faced with a choice: learn football too or miss out on this important hobby of my husband (and not have him ignore me for about 6 months each year - NO THANKS!). No choice really, so here it is 11 years later and I am a Football Wife.

The idea for this blog is to help other wives/girlfriends/significant others who love someone who loves football. The NFL is too big of a concept to understand all at once and the game is complicated and hard to follow at times - but in the end, it's worth it.

I am fortunate that my husband is a patient teacher and loves to share his football knowledge with me in a non-condescending way. Without him, football would scare and intimidate me. But it doesn't and I have learned to love the game on my own.

So, maybe I can help you understand the basics in a new way - and you can use that knowledge to impress the football-lover in your life! (When I spout off football info to my husband, I tell him he better acknowledge how impressed he is because I only learn it for him! Let's face it - there is definitely more important things I would rather be doing than skimming football sites and listening to the NFL Network!)

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  1. My wife watches football ALL THE TIME and I do not. Never watched a game a day in my life. She will usually go to the sports bar and catch the games from there.

    But, I would love to learn it and watch it with her. I know, her best team is The Cowboys of Dallas.